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Case Study Sinter Metals

Large automation advantages gained with a small budget

The customer:
The company is one of the leading producers of high-strength sinter molds for the automobile industry.

Starting situation:
The existing welding plants reached the limits of their capacities. Manually-operated processes could no longer satisfy the delivery demands placed on the quantity and quality.

With limited financial resources, achieve a higher level of automation of the production.

Make the right decision: expand or alter an existing plant or design and implement a completely new one.


A new, expandable four-station rotary indexing plant that needs to be implemented with limited resources and whose level of automation can be increased in the future.


  • Decision in favor or medium-frequency welding technology due to the specific production requirements
  • Design of a new plant in order not to risk downtimes in the existing system and to be able to use the best welding technology.


  • Great future viability: High-performance plant whose level of automation can be upgraded
  • Proven technology: The use of rotary table contacting, which is already established in the company
  • Maximum flexibility: even tools from other plants can be used on the new rotary indexing plant.
  • Greater cost effectiveness: higher efficiency, fewer downtimes, lower costs


  • The new plant meets all requirements placed on production quantity and quality.
  • A future-proof solution was realized within the limited budget.
  • The four-station rotary indexing plant integrates perfectly into the existing plant environment, contributing to higher production reliability.