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Case Study Gluing Technology

Best values in reproducibility and service

The customer:
The German automobile manufacturer works in the premium segment. Its cars stand for comfort and sportsmanship.

Starting situation:
In its production processes, the customer uses gluing technology along with other joining processes. To be able to optimally utilize the systems long-term, the circle of high-performance suppliers and partners needs to be expanded.

To offer a first-class gluing system from a new development that exactly fits the customer’s requirements.

To develop a gluing system that meets the high demands of the customer in every aspect and that is ready for series operation after a demanding and complex test procedure.


Understand the individual customer requirements in detail, address them flexibly and develop a gluing system that achieves better performance than the competitor’s plant.


  • Development of a test system based on customer-defined parameters
  • Optimization of the system in the frame of laboratory and series tests in the customer factory


  • A tailor-made gluing system: Thanks to the close cooperation with the customer, the gluing system precisely fits the concrete production requirements.
  • Outstanding reproducibility values: The productive efficiency of the gluing system developed by NIMAK is about 99 %, exceeding the values previously achieved in the production process.
  • Permanently high-performance plants: Keeping in constant touch with the customer, the developed gluing systems are regularly updated to optimize them based on new experiences.


  • Flexibility is important: The best solution always emerges when the customer and the gluing system manufacturer work closely together and talk openly about the changing requirements.
  • The service has to be just right: When systems are continuously and professionally supported and consequently optimized they simply perform better.
  • Expertise is more important than size: The best partner is not the one with the largest team, but the one with the most highly qualified, most experienced and most committed employees.