Innovation engineered by NIMAK

New developments for the joining challenges of today and tomorrow

There are naturally limits to what is feasible. But we are firmly convinced that in the area of welding and gluing technology, the limits are still a long way off. That is why we continuously develop existing systems and research completely new technologies. Our incentive here is always the challenges the customers face today and tomorrow. And because they change ever faster in a globalized and networked world, our innovative strength is more in demand than ever. We are very delighted when we successfully solve tricky problems - that is our passion.

The most significant innovations from NIMAK

magneticDRIVE: the revolution

For the very first time it is now possible to specifically control the electrode force and follow-up during welding - by using the drive technology we developed: the magneticDRIVE. It takes advantage of the immense power and speed of the latest microprocessor-controlled electromagnets, enabling fast, gentle and precise automated welding. And if desired even with a test of strength. More 

Short-pulse welding: perfect high-current short welds

For welding aluminum or high-strength steels, within a very short time high current must be available which can also be exactly controlled. With short-pulse welding we have launched a method that meets these requirements. More

a.tron new generation: with integrated controller

We have further developed the a.tron gluing system and also provide it with a controller that is integrated in the dosing feeder. The new generation of the a.tron combines the high-performance of the classic system with additional advantages: It is more affordable, ready for service even faster and easier to operate. More

RoboKES® and variCAP – KE welding with robot welding guns

Design a capacitor discharge technology so compact that it can be set onto a robot - NIMAK opens up the way. In 2011 we put the world’s first robot gun on the market with this technology. Our RoboKES® achieves high currents in a short time and is very gentle on the material. variCAP is even two steps further here: The welding transformer that is normally always required is replaced with a specially developed capacitor unit - right in the heart of the machine or welding gun. And at the same time the discharge of the capacitor can be controlled nearly the same as with medium-frequency welding.

multiframeGUN: certified for highly dynamic robots

One plate, five modules and a million design variants - our multiframeGUN is the all rounder among robot guns. And: so far the only one in the world that is certified for highly-dynamic robots. You tell us what welding task is pending. We will configure your multiframeGUN at a reasonable price. More

Robot welding guns: from the inventor

We admit it, from today’s point of view a robot welding gun is nothing special. But when we put the first one on the market in the 70’s, it was a sensation. Yes, we are the inventors of the robot gun and continue to develop them even today. More