Robot welding guns

single-sided resistance spot welding

Weld reliably wherever things get tight: Robot welding guns for single-sided resistance spot welding

There are production processes where, due to the design or construction, the joints that need to be welded can only be processed from one side of the material. For the simple reason that there is not enough space to place the counter-electrode on the rear. That is the case in some sectors of automobile and motor bus production, but often also in control cabinet and tank construction. With our robot welding guns for single-sided resistance spot welding you can easily and reliably solve this special welding challenge. And namely independent of whether the component should be reliably welded together or the welding points are used during gluing for fixating.

Let us know which complex challenge you are facing in the area of single-sided welding - we will check the weldability and design and fabricate the ideal robot welding gun for you. And, thanks to a flexible design, in the shortest-possible time.

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Gentle power for tricky joining jobs

The robot welding guns for single-sided resistance spot welding from NIMAK work with the latest medium-frequency transformers, a controller with adaptive welding current control and finely adjustable welding cylinders for gentle power. What’s important here is just the right amount to reliably join the materials without deforming them or leaving marks on the visible side. Our systems perfectly master this job.

Two variants for all requirements

Spot welder with one electrode and one welding point
To let the current flow, a ground cable is attached to the rear sheet. Alternatively, the spot welder itself can be equipped with another flat ground electrode for the current return flow.

Duplex spot welder with two electrodes
The duplex spot welder works with two electrodes that simultaneously press onto the sheet from one side. The result is that two spot welds are made in one work step.

Benefits in an overview:

Welding from only one side: join reliably without a counter-electrode
The transformer, controller and finely adjustable welding cylinder create a gentle force that reliably creates connections and goes easy on materials.

No slipping during gluing: Spot welds that last
Fixate single-sided weld points on the joining parts while the glue is hardening.

Fits your requirements: flexible design
We construct the robot welding guns for single-sided resistance spot welding for you so that they exactly fit your requirements.

Typical applications

Our robot welding guns for single-sided resistance spot welding are used in applications whenever it is not possible to work with a counter electrode due to the design or construction. For instance in these sectors:

  • Car and motor bus production: Body side panels, doors and flaps
  • Switchgear construction: large doors
  • Tank construction Welding on brackets and similar
  • Linings made of corrosion resistant steel
  • Railway vehicle manufacturing