Commissioning, repairs, maintenance

Onsite for you so that everything runs really smoothly

High-performance welding guns, machines and plants are elementary for efficient production processes. Professional service too. That is why we provide both from one, single source. Our international technical team is onsite for you around the world: they can put your plant into operation and maintain it regularly to ensure uniform high performance. And if something is just not working quite properly sometime, our experts help reliably and fast. All NIMAK service technicians have well-founded technical training and participate regularly in training courses. So that they are always abreast of the latest information and technically up-to-date. So if problems happen to crop up sometime: Just give us a call. Inside Europe, a contact is usually onsite within 24 hours and will do everything possible to find the best solution for you.

Commissioning: we don’t just abandon you after the contract conclusion

For NIMAK plants to operate at peak performance in your production all presets must be made perfectly and corresponding to your individual specifications. That is why our technicians are on hand when your plant is put into operation in your factory: they set all the parameters, optimize the cycle times and are only satisfied after the plant or gun has reached its full performance. We hand it over to your employees whom we precisely instruct on how to handle the plant. If you want, we will also accompany your team for a certain period onsite - to provide fast answers to questions and to promptly eliminate any faults.

Maintenance and repair: professional service a (joining) life long

To make sure the NIMAK guns and plants work with full power in your production, we recommend having the maintenance jobs performed. Depending on the product, one time or in regularly scheduled intervals. Our service technicians would be glad to take care of that for you. After all, who knows the plant better than those who have developed, constructed and manufactured it themselves. Which aspects are especially important for which plant? What has to be concretely taken into consideration in these guns? Our technicians are always well aware and replace wearing parts quickly and without fuss. Because, as a plant manufacturer with its own manufacturing, we have the most important parts in stock. And if something is missing after all, we will simply quickly manufacture it.