Robot welding guns

robot welding guns

The right one for every renowned automobile manufacturer: customized robot guns

As the world’s the sole provider that has been released by all premium automobile industry manufacturers to meet customer-specific standards for welding guns, we produce and develop for the major players in this segment. Through many years of experience we are very familiar with the various gun standards; we are sparring partners whenever further development is concerned and we design within the specified parameters. And during the process our first priority is always: first-class quality. To be able to ensure that at all times we have, for instance, installed a unique test system for each customer and put the welding guns we manufacture through performance tests based on individual customer specifications.

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Innovative engineers and professional fitters at your side

The automobile industry is undergoing a radical change and we are accompanying them on the path to the future of mobility by constantly searching for and finding innovative solutions. That also includes developing new gun technologies and drives whenever existing standards reach their limits. We have already proven that we can accomplish that during many occasions – after all, we are the inventors of the robot welding gun and of magneticDRIVE.

Our fitters are onsite at our customers main locations and setup, commission, maintain and repair there is also part of our close partnership with our customers. Our customers profit from outstanding quality products, innovative engineering work and first-class service.

Supplementary products

  • topCONTROL servo-control
    topCONTROL makes your robot gun intelligent. With this motor controller that can be easily attached to the gun you can define all relevant functions of the drive in detail and, for instance, precisely set the force profile. That means that topCONTROL exceeds the performance of many robot controllers and not only concerning the number of software programmable features, but also with consideration of exactness and precision. Even highly-demanding welding jobs can be reliably and exactly performed. Another topCONTROL plus: The controller can even be retrofit onto extant guns and integrated in all makes of existing plants to effectively increase their capability.


  • The gunTEST test center
    With gunTEST during routine repair work you can always exactly check whether your robot welding guns are operating with full power after possible repairs and maintenance work right onsite in your production plants. Our test center, which is specifically aligned to the gun standard you use, finds that out within a pre-defined test procedure, helping you prevent downtimes.