Rent a technology center

Our perfectly equipped technology center - it can also be rented

Our technology center is simultaneously an innovation incubator and a trial laboratory. This is where our developers work together with our customers to find solutions for concrete joining requirements. Which technology is most suitable? What kind of plant is best in the concrete case? We analyze, design and test and find the right answers. Everything that developers and customers need to accomplish that is in place and immediately ready to operate in the technology center - from the latest machines and welding guns through gluing and dosing plants. And based on microsections, the mutually attained results can be immediately evaluated and documented.

Pilot series in the highest quality

Thanks to the high performance of our plants in the technology center, for you not only can we fabricate sample parts, but even run pilot series in the highest quality. So if you happen to be looking for a fallback solution for the part production on the run, just let us know. We would be glad to provide you with the capacities of our technology center. And, if you want, the necessary staff too. Or, you just send some of your employees, who will then produce for you at NIMAK under the supervision of one of our experts.

Rent or experiment yourself

Would you like to use the first-class equipment in our technology center to try out your own ideas and test technologies on your own? Then just rent it for a certain period of time. We would be glad to provide you with our plants. We can individually arrange the terms and dates.
Give us a call: +49 2742 7079-0.