Tailor-made solutions for sector-specific requirements

Our products are used wherever materials are joined in large scale and automated. For instance in the automotive industry, where NIMAK welding guns and with increasing frequency, NIMAK gluing systems also belong to the inventory of renowned car manufacturers. On top of that, companies from the aerospace industry, railway vehicle manufacturers and producers of commercial vehicles such as trucks and agricultural machinery gladly profit from our comprehensive experience in various joining methods. Manufacturers of household appliances rely on our expertise along with mechanical engineers and metalworking companies.

Just as there is a great variety of sectors, there is also a great variety of requirements our customers place on their NIMAK solution. But they all have one thing in common: They expect top quality, first-class performance and new ideas and solutions for the changing challenges.

The perfect connection

Optimal welding and gluing systems for the most varied joining challenges - that is the main requirement placed by our customers in the automotive industry. They want and need the perfect and permanent connection. As the only manufacturer in the world who provides welding and gluing solutions from one, single source, that is exactly what we ensure.

High quality and availability, because time is money – that also applies to the automotive industry. We contribute our part by realizing plants that secure high quantities and maximum frequency with the highest weld quality. They can be flexibly deployed, convince also from the ergonomic point of view, are durable, low-maintenance and generally run fault-free.

Connections for the material mix since the future of the automobile is lightweight. We develop new technologies like magneticDRIVE and short time welding. So that materials can be joined that are also of critical importance for the topic of electromobility: Aluminum as well as aluminum steel connections, CFRP, plastics and much more.

NIMAK even makes it possible to weld transmissions and axles. System limits are there to be overcome. We manage that by developing new solutions together with our partners from industry, research and science. The best examples of that: magneticDRIVE, capacitor discharge welding and short pulse welding, which we developed up to the market launch.

Certified welding gun quality - because NIMAK has been released for all standards. And namely as the only manufacturer. Not only does that mean that we are very familiar with the standards in detail but also that we can and do actively accompany our customers during the development processes. 

Gluing and welding technology from one, single source - NIMAK provides both. That has many advantages: Plants can be optimally matched, user interfaces are uniform, spare-part handling is easier and service is also available from a single source. Highest precision and maximum performance included.

Best performance and quality

We take advantage of our decades of experience with the automobile industry to specifically support other customers from the transportation means sector. Namely with great pleasure and success.

Gluing and welding instead of riveting - because for the aerospace industry things have to be lightweight. We support customers from aviation to construct even faster and more affordable light airplanes. Which then also consume less. With the innovative processes magneticDRIVE and short pulse welding we also ensure connections in the multi-material mix that last.

Reliable gap bridging - because that is what is important when building rail vehicles. For our customers in this segment we have made way for the use of resistance welding, gaining efficiency and cost advantages. Alone? Not completely. We have been working closely and well together with SLV-Halle and other partners.

Larger, more robust, heavier – because for commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery big is beautiful. In the frame of our high-quality NIMAK standards, we develop welding guns and plants for the production of commercial vehicles that are just huge in every respect. We acquired the expertise for that as a partner of the automotive industry during many years.

The aesthetic spot weld

Milk jugs, washer-dryers, kitchen appliances and much more - we support manufacturers of household appliances and control cabinets in creating connections that are practically invisible and that last permanently. Because, if the design and functionality are to be ensured, the welding and gluing systems must provide great performance.

An individual solution for each customer– because different product groups have different requirements. We are very familiar with them and develop tailor-made joining systems.

Gluing and welding integrated and interlinked - because that accelerates and simplifies production processes. With NIMAK, success is easy: as the only company in the world, we provide welding and gluing systems from one, singe source.

Precise adhesive connections that are impermeable - because reliable sealing is a hot topic in the sector. The a.tron dosing systems meet the highest quality requirements. They have already proven that in practical use by renowned car manufacturers. Rework? Thanks to the a.tron, that is generally not necessary.

From mechanical engineers for mechanical engineers

Welding and gluing - in the metalworking sector both joining processes play a role and, depending on the requirements, are used individually or in combination. NIMAK is the only company that offers both joining process from one, single source. And the related service right along with that too.

Automate processes and meet higher safety standards - because, for scaffolding, ladders and climbing devices that is crucial. We support companies in this segment in traveling new paths. To do that we develop plants for them that achieve significant efficiency and measurable quality improvements. We actively work together to design the associated technology change, which makes the advantages of new processes useful for our customers.

Invisible spot welds and perfectly glued seals - both have to be guaranteed. For our customers from the industrial plant, control cabinet and ventilation engineering sectors we provide and develop high quality and robust plants that are simple to operate.