Robot welding guns


cubeGUN - our brand new showpiece

Our aim is to develop a very compact, small, lightweight basic body in which all essential components for a mobile spot welding device - a robot welding gun - can be integrated. 

The main element of the cubeGUN is this monolithic basic body for C- as well as X-guns, the so-called CUBE. 

The cube weighs only 13 kg and is the basis for all cubeGUN models. 

In this aluminum cube the power source, drive components, lead as well as cooling will be integrated. 

Separate housings for e.g. transformer or spindle drive are not be required. 


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Kay Nagel

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Very compact design with reduced interfering contours: perfect even for welding work that is difficult to access                                

Transformer, servo drive, guides and cooling water supply are completely integrated in the monolithic gun base body.

Weight savings: reduced gun weight enables use of smaller robots 

By integrating the transformer and drive into the CUBE, these components can do without their own housing and thus contribute to the weight optimization of the cubeGUN.

Uniform design of C- and X-CUBE's: short delivery times

Project-related pre-assembly of C- and X-CUBE's reduces project lead times to a minimum.

Robust and solid design: highest efficiency through operation on highly dynamic robot 

The lightweight and weight-optimized design of the base body increases the service life of the robot and welding gun.

High number of common parts: reduces the number of required spare parts 

By using uniform CUBE's and components, any type of cubeGUN can be built with a low number of parts.

Brief overview
Rated power6 kN (X-gun at 600 mm outreach)
Max. E-force (in kN)8 bei 800 mm outreach X-gun
Arm distance C-gun (in mm)gun window: 200 x 200 bis 400 x 400 
Arm distance X-gun (in mm)gun window: 250 x 250 bis 300 x 600 
Weight C-gun (in kg)from 75
Weight X-gun (in kg)from 95