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Completely new concept for robot weld guns: the galaxy®GUN

True to the motto “Better is the enemy of just good”, at NIMAK we never just rest on our laurels. Rather, we are constantly developing and searching for new solutions in order to better address the requirements placed on modern production. Just like the new NIMAK robot gun, the galaxy®GUN.

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Powerful features for more efficiency, productivity and welding quality

The core component of the galaxy®GUN is the Galaxie®-motor gear unit from WITTENSTEIN. This innovative drive system, awarded with the Hermes Award 2015 and winner of the German Business Innovation Award, achieves up to 170 % more maximum torque than other gear classes of a comparable size. That means high performances can be achieved that conventional drives simply cannot reach. Based on this innovative drive technology, with the galaxy®GUN we developed a completely new welding gun system. Basically unsurpassed in simplicity and compactness, it delivers the best welding results in the shortest cycle times.


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Benefits in an overview:

Gain productivity
The gun arms of the galaxy®GUN open and close very quickly and the force generation is faster than with other robot guns which means that significantly reduced cycle times can also be achieved. The low gun weight facilitates dynamic gun handling. The very large gun opening angle is another plus.

High welding quality
The galaxy®GUN achieves very high force precision, ensuring uniformly high welding quality. The integrated force sensor ensures high repeat accuracy; force profiles are implemented. The improved welding results are also supported by the powerful MF transformer (130 or 260 kVA).

Motor/gear unit in the gun pivot point
The benefits of this design principle are obvious:

  • Flat teeth meshing
  • High torque density
  • Extreme torsional rigidity
  • High overload capability
  • Motor control with position regulation
  • Force and torque regulation
  • Implementation of force profiles

Easy to handle
The galaxy®GUN consists of just a few components, is designed maintenance-friendly and can be connected to the robots with ease. Individual components can be replaced right on the robot if need be. Another advantage for easy handling is the encapsulated drive system.

Typical applications

The galaxy®GUN especially shows off in the area of demanding joining jobs, for instance in the aluminum environment and everywhere that the shortest-possible cycle times are necessary.

  • Automobile production
  • Aerospace industry

Technical data

Electrode force (in kN):up to 8
MF transformer (in kVA):130, 260
Duty ratio (in %):20