Working at NIMAK

Self-starters feel great here: in the team of the NIMAK specialists

NIMAK is a family-managed company, which also means: our top priorities are the people and the employees. We leave every individual person in our team the freedom to achieve their potential and to develop and try out their own ideas. And at the same time we support them in their personal and professional development. Just as you could expect in a family. The bases for our collaboration on all levels - in manufacturing as well as in management - are our mutual values. And they are: Customer orientation, innovation and quality.

Personalities for a team of strong character.

People from highly differing disciplines work in our team. Skilled workers, developers, design engineers, marketing specialists and many more. Despite very different qualifications, they have a lot in common: They all share the passion for the best solution, are experts in their fields, actively face challenges and support each other. In a nutshell: They are real people of action with a team spirit. You too? Then we might just fit together very well.

Short communication channels, flat hierarchies

“Our doors are always open” declare our CEO Olaf Tünkers and he really means it. Whether a brilliant idea or a problem that needs solving: in the NIMAK team all supervisors always have a sympathetic ear for the employees. The decision-making process is short and the hierarchies are flat. So that we can achieve a great deal for and with our customers. In this environment, each individual can put things into gear, take responsibility right from the start and shape the future. That’s what our employees love to do. You too? Than we should get to know each other.

The company is the employees

Take responsibility and be well informed - in our view they belong together. That is why not only do we give our employees the freedom to work independently, but we also personally inform the team once monthly about the current developments and the business figures. Furthermore, we let all the employees participate in the success of the company. After all, the success of NIMAK is its employees.

Sincerely, open, cooperatively

With more than 480 employees worldwide, our team is naturally larger than one family. But: the atmosphere is familial in the best sense of the word. The employees usually get to know each other beyond the borders of the departments, help each other out and heartily welcome new colleagues. Of course: sometimes there are disagreements. But they are conducted objectively and always while struggling to find the best solution. Are you striving for the same? Then strengthen our team.