Research driven by NIMAK

Create the future together

The best solutions always emerge when people from various disciplines and different backgrounds work on them: Scientists and practitioners, sector specialists and technical experts. Because each and every one of them has their own view of things, contributes new aspects and can give the decisive impulse. That’s why at NIMAK we maintain good and intense relationships with our partners in research and associations, in federal and state governments.

Together we mange to broaden the horizon and to think past the obvious. Together we develop innovations that open completely new opportunities in the area of joining methods. The perfect connection - it also important to us with a view to development work.

Get to know some of our partners

Universities and research institutes

Traveling new paths together, devising new opportunities, pushing the limits and revolutionizing the world of joining

  • Technical University of Darmstadt: our development partners for, among other things, the magneticDRIVE
  • Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg: our development partners for instance for short-pulse welding
  • University of Paderborn: our development partners for RoboKES®, for example
  • Automotive Circle

Associations and institutes

Listen to what’s going on in the market together and recognize new customer demands before they become acute

  • Deutscher Verband der Schweißtechnik
  • Automobilcircle Sauerland
  • Fahrzeuginitiative Rheinland-Pfalz

Federal and state governments

Promote development together and strengthen important economic/industrial activity in international competition: The federal and state governments annually provide grant funds for a range of our development projects. Because they are convinced: Innovative research and development are the prerequisites for a successful future.