Adhesive and dosing technology

Dosing eccentric screws

Effective corrosion protection for your perfect ahesive bond!

How do you achieve good and effective corrosion protection? 

For example, by coating the surface by means of galvanising or painting.

However, it is not always possible to achieve complete corrosion protection.

For example, the cut edges of a galvanised sheet are not fully protected. Or there are special requirements for sealing two components and for avoiding crevice corrosion.

Then, for example, sealing materials are applied between these components. Depending on the sealing material used, this material is cured by means of moisture (from the ambient air) or by means of heat (for example in a KTL oven).

Your point of contact:

Marco Moro

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Your point of contact

Silke Eutebach

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Our endless dosing concept meets all customer requirements!

Application & customer requirements: 

  • Protection of attachments against crevice corrosion
  • Application of the adhesive bead approx. Ø2 to Ø4 mm
  • Length of the seams 120mm to 840mm

The demands on the dispensing technology are not only determined by the material used and the associated application challenges, but also by the wishes of our customers:

  • Cost-optimised metering system for low-viscosity material
  • Dosing system with low weight
  • Two metering units via one control
  • Two metering units via one material supply
  • Hose lengths up to 12m (to each metering unit)

Our solution: 

The NIMAK eccentric screw metering unit specially developed for low-viscosity material.

Due to its endless dosing concept in combination with a high-resolution servo motor, this unit meets all requirements for sealing applications.

The design of the dosing unit is very compact and can also be operated on small robots as well as 3-axis gantries with low payloads.

A wide variety of low-viscosity materials can be applied (greases, silicones, PU, etc.).

Furthermore, the fully electric pump stand from NIMAK is another innovation.

This enables us to adjust the pump pressure precisely to the requirements.


Benefits in an overview:

  • Cost-optimised dosing system for low-viscosity material
  • Control via high-precision servo motor
  • No filling times necessary due to endless dosing concept
  • Fully electric pump stand / material supply
  • Low spare parts inventory due to very compact design of the eccentric screw metering unit
  • Less maintenance required due to lower number of seals in the system (compared to classic dosing metering units)


MaterialSikaSeal-710 LS
Application temperature

20°C - 35°C

Thickness 1.3 +/- 0.1 g/cm³
Viscosity (ASTM D1092):ca. 350 Pa.s at20 sec-1
Pressure max. 20 bar input pressure 
Application volume 1,5 ccm bis 11 ccm per component