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Perfect for trade and industry: the basicGUN

Small, light and easy to operate – the pneumatically actuated and water-cooled basicGUN convinces with its weight-optimized construction and compact design. The integrated rotating assembly ensures that it can be swiveled 360°, which means the operator can quickly set welding points exactly where they belong. Thanks to the four-meter long standard connection cable with a plug (optionally also with 15 or more meters of length), you can use the basicGUN with great flexibility at various production points. Choose from the various types in X- and C- basicGUN design - whatever best fits your needs. We'll be happy to advise you.

Powerful and durable

All models in our basicGUN series are equipped with powerful double-stroke cylinders and artificial resin cast transformers. You will certainly be able to work precisely and reliably long-term. That is important to us and that is why in the basicGUN also we rely on the highest quality with no if’s and but’s.

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Small, light and easy to operate

One of the basicGUN’s genuine strengths is that it provides high power in a small space. Its low deadweight lightens work for the user in the truest sense of the word.

Shorter delivery times, excellent price/performance ratio

To help you find the best basicGUN for your requirements we offer our manual gun in various versions. All are based on a prefabricated basic body so we can supply you with your basicGUN in the shortest possible time while generating cost advantages at the same time, which we are pleased to pass on to you.  

Low maintenance needs, hardly any wear

Just as in all our products, in the basicGUN we rely on the best material and craftsmanship quality. That pays off for you, too, and is reflected in the very low maintenance expenditures. Wear is minimal on top of that. In a nutshell: The basicGUN works with absolute reliability and does that permanently.


Typical applications

The small, easy to use basicGUN is used especially gladly by our customers from industry and trade, for instance for

  • Construction of ventilation ducts
  • Steel structure construction
  • Large-scale catering construction
  • Construction projects
  • Workshops, small part welding shops
  • Use in special plants, line extensions, etc.

Technical specifications

TypeL 123L 181L 192L193TCL 123
Nominal output at 50 % duty ratio (in kVA)1414222814
Weld values (in mm)3+33+33.5+3.54+42.5+2.5
Arm distance (in mm)100117117117100
Electrode force*1 (in daN)215345345600185
Welding current max. (in kA)11.210.413.316.812.0
Connection voltage400 V/50 Hz

Complementary products

  • Complete manual welding gun workstation
    We deliver all the components you need to setup a perfect workstation for the basicGUN manual welding gun - ready to plug in and everything from one, single source. Get informed right now. Please feel free to get in touch with us.
  • Guntrol I and Guntrol I/8, welding controllers, HIP compressed air maintenance unit
    The compact Guntrol controllers with attached shop installation plate are mounted in a compact housing with eyelets and can be either suspended or permanently mounted. They are designed for a mains voltage of 400 V and 50 Hz, equipped with a main switch and are controlled through a simple menu. The control line, water connection for the supply and return flow and air connection can be simply plugged in.
Performance features
Guntrol I2 weld program / 5 timesPower pack for up to 28 kVA nominal outputIntegrated program selector switch
Guntrol I/88 weld program / 7 timesPower pack for up to 28 kVA nominal outputProgram selection through the keyboard


  • Tension springs
    Our tension springs with integrated spring fracture protection are designed for a 200 kg loading capacity. The standard stroke up to 100 kg is 2000 mm. Additional lengths on request.
  • VWK coolant cooler
    The VWK coolant cooler with a cooling capacity of 900 - 3,700 W lets you preselect the right cooling water temperature so you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Uniform manufacturing quality and longer operating lives of your tools
thanks to a constant cooling temperature.

No dirt or calcification
due to uniformly good-quality cooling water in a closed circuit.

Save costs, protect the environment
since fresh water is no longer needed.

More products at a glance

More products at a glance