Product portfolio

NIMAK transformers

The transformers from NIMAK are developed and manufactured for: 

  • Manual welding guns 
  • Robot welding guns 
  • Stationary spot and projection welding machines 
  • C-Modules 
  • Portal welding machines 

A special highlight are the high-performance transformers for aluminium spot and projection welding.

  • Long service life
  • Optimized water flow for perfect heat dissipation
  • High efficiency thanks to lowest inductive losses
  • Weight and size optimized 
  • Optional: transformers with test certificate ("transformer TÜV") of SLV Duisburg 
  • Alternating current
  • Direct current
  • Short impulse technology
  • Capacitor discharge technology 

NIMAK transformers

The heart of every welding system is the transformer ... 

... and we have been developing and manufacturing them for over 50 years!