NIMAK – a welding equipment manufacturer? That and much more!

We invented the robot welding gun. So, yes: We are also a welding equipment manufacturer. But really a lot more. NIMAK stands for the perfect connection. And we create them for all our customers with enthusiasm and a great deal of passion. Not only through innovative welding solutions - as the only company in the world, we provide the entire range of resistance welding and innovative gluing systems from one, singe source. Good for you. Because, that also means that with us as your partner you are perfectly equipped for the challenges in the material mix and when connecting aluminum.

Welding equipment manufacturer with innovative power

Erich Nickel, our company founder, started as a welding equipment manufacturer in the 60’s. But “just” delivering solid work – that was too little for him. So right from the start he made it his mission to implement new ideas independently and uninhibited. And he did that in top quality. He was an inventor, had a head full of ideas, and had little understanding for naysayers. His inventive genius has characterized the company and our team until today: We are not content with “that can’t be done”. And second place is not enough for us. We want the technological leadership. After all: Many build welding and gluing systems. But developing and successfully designing new technologies - that is the true art. And we master that in perfection. We use our special strengths to develop ever-better joining solutions for our customers. So that they can work successfully today and tomorrow. The starting point for our development work is always the current customer requirements or market trends. And we recognize them in the shortest time. Because, we are the sector insiders and have already been working with many customers very well and very closely for a long time. We develop new technologies while always looking for the best possible solution. Not only for current challenges but also for the future. Successfully. Our innovative strength proves itself through constant new patents and registered designs that revolutionize the sector. And we do a lot to further expand our position as the technology leader: We consequently invest in people and technology and work closely with scientific institutes, centers for welding-related instruction and experimentation and universities.

Hidden champion with a great performance spectrum

We are a medium-sized, family-managed company, but we are not small. Because, in the core sector in which we work, NIMAK is certainly a great name. After all, our products are involved in the manufacture of more than 70 percent of all German automobiles and for instance are also used in the production of household appliances. It’s just that you can’s see that on the finished product.

Take responsibility, act sustainably

We believe in taking responsibility for sustainable development. Namely in the economic, ecological and social aspects. We practice sustainable management by leaving profits in the company to finance new development work and research. Furthermore, our employees participate in the company’s success. When it comes to sustainability, with the introduction of a certified environmental protection system we have taken another important step towards more environmental protection and reduced energy consumption. You can see that we take environmental protection seriously when you take a tour of our factories: Many sites already have an energy efficient infrastructure. The latest air-conditioning technology is used in the server rooms. You might also notice the generous light cupolas. They impart not only a pleasant work atmosphere but also reduce the energy consumption. We can even do without artificial light sources in large areas. Last but not least, we specifically support social and charitable commitment in the region. After all, promoting good ideas is part of our DNA.