Our employees make the difference

NIMAK is the people who work at our company. After all, people can do something no machine in the world can do: Listen, read between the lines, understand customer demands and develop new ideas that haven't even been thought of yet. And those are exactly the strengths of our team. Many of our employees have been in the company for many years and usually work together with the same customer long-term. For you that means: You have a point of contact who precisely understands your requirements and who speaks your language. You simply know each other and know you can rely on the other person. We are sure that things just don’t work right without this kind of responsible and reliable cooperation. It is the prerequisite for the innovative strength that sets us apart and that our customers so highly esteem.

A team of more than 480 employees around the world

NIMAK – behind this short company name lies a team of 267 employees who cover Germany and 480 colleagues around the world. They work in highly varied areas: in production and manufacturing, in research and development, in service and sales, in administration and in many others. And even though the tasks and individual personalities differ greatly, everyone in the NIMAK team has something very important in common: the passion for the highest customer orientation and quality.

At the top: both CEO’s

Paul Nickel, Managing Partner

As the son of the company founder Erich Nickel, Paul Nickel has been leading the destiny of the company since 1990. He does not simply pursue short-term profit maximization, but strives for a long term, sustainable growth process. To accomplish that he is continuing the NIMAK tradition of his father of independently implementing new ideas while satisfying the highest quality demands.

Dr. Niels Hammer

The qualified industrial mechanic and Doctor in Mechanical Engineering Dr. Niels Hammer has been part of the NIMAK company management since May 2016. He is responsible for the area of gluing and dosing technology along with automation. A man of action with many years of practical experience, he also has profound methodical scientific knowledge. And the entire team profits from that.