Experiences and innovation

Your high demand is the drive for our innovation

Freely adapting Hermann Hesse's words, our company founder Erich Nickel followed the motto “A technical advance dwells in each complicated order”. With this attitude and the invention of the robot welding gun he managed to trigger a revolution in resistance welding. And this maxim continues to shape the thoughts and actions in the NIMAK team even today: We take the challenges of our customers as the stimulus to develop new technologies and solutions.

Exceed expectations – in every regard

We actually prefer challenges that at first glance cannot be solved. We consider them the starting points for new developments we will use to overcome the limits of what was previously feasible. How do we do that? By using the experiences we have collected during the past decades. By always working closely together with our customers. And by involving partners who consider the current task formulation from the scientific perspective, introduce new points of view and give important impulses.

Can’t be done? Yes it can!

We are not content with “that can’t be done”. Our aim is to prove that it can be done after all. And that we are on the right path is proven by the many new developments that we have brought forward. Take the topic of capacitor discharge welding with robot welding guns for example. It was said that can't be done: With KE welding it is not possible to create a spot weld and the transformers are much too large for a welding gun. It can be done is what we proved; we developed the technology even further and in 2011 we put the first robot welding gun with capacitor discharge on the market. Spot or projection welding of aluminum - really difficult to do? Not at all. Since we brought two totally new technologies to market maturity with magneticDRIVE and short-pulse welding, this is no longer a problem. With the a.tron of the new generation we have also proven that gluing systems can mange without a separate control cabinet and can work with high precision with an integrated controller.