Automation solutions

Linear transfer plants

Linear systems - automated plants for linked jobs

If several different joining tasks need to be completed on a component in the shortest possible time, powerful linear systems such as the linear transfer plants from NIMAK are the best choice. Their particular strengths show up where complex and different manufacturing steps need to be automatically replicated within one plant and simultaneously the shortest cycle times need to be achieved. With a linear transfer plant from NIMAK that has been individually matched to your concrete needs and requirements you will achieve significant productivity growth; on top of that, this investment is generally very interesting from the point of view of cost effectiveness. Especially since our plants operate for a long time and absolutely reliably with consistently high quality. See for yourself: Profit from the development strength and competence of our team, experience the high-performance of our plants and take advantage of our help to optimize your production sequences. We will implement complete and individually designed linear transfer plants for you.

Linear guidance with drive for your individual automation solution

No welding challenge is the same. Especially when complex manufacturing processes are supposed to be automated, the following applies: An individually developed and designed plant is in demand. We would be glad to implement a completely specific solution to meet your needs. Whether we have to start from scratch or can build on one that we have previously developed depends on the concrete aim. Fundamentally, building on something we have already made is associated with time and cost advantages. If not, that’s also no problem. Because our developers love to tackle new challenges and successfully master them. At any rate, a linear transfer plant that has been individually designed for you emerges.

Complete linear transfer systems and first-class full service

Develop, design, manufacture, install and put into service - we provide you with all services and comprehensive service from one, single source. To accomplish that, our experts from various disciplines work closely together and always keep an eye on the big picture. Just as important is the close, trustworthy collaboration between your specialists and our team. Because, only if we precisely understand your requirements and demands can we address them. As soon as the completed plant has successfully passed all quality inspections, our fitters put it into operation in your factory and take care of training for your staff. Because, for us that belongs to full service.


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A prime example from real life: 

Compressor fabrication in less than 10 seconds

Our customer manufactures refrigerant compressors that are installed in refrigerators. The special challenge here: Many manufacturing steps must be completed with one plant and in the shortest possible time.

One plant that takes care of highly differing manufacturing processes in the shortest cycle time

We have developed a linear transfer plant that links various manufacturing processes and works with lightning speed. Complete several welding jobs, add and weld brackets and tubes, perform quality tests and at the end stack the finished compressors - and all fully automatically and at a scorching pace. The plant needs barely 10 seconds for a completely fabricated compressor.

Highly differing processes, shortest cycle time, high yield

  • Optimum production sequence: Many highly differing manufacturing processes in just one plant
  • Higher productivity: Cycle times of less than 10 seconds
  • Guaranteed quality: Integrated quality check
  • Everything from one, single source Linear system plant, from the basic concept to commissioning and implementation