Adhesive and dosing technology

Smart dosing

Adhesive dosing system without doser

The new system developed by NIMAK for 1-component adhesives does not require a metering unit. The core of this innovation is a drum pump concept that has been implemented for the first time and is completely motorized. Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you individually about your smartDOSING adhesive application system from NIMAK.

Ideal for most applications: Save a lot of money with smartDOSING!

Our gluing and application system essentially consists of only the two main components

  • Application head
  • Pump stand 

In the Plus version of smartDOSING, the opening angle of the application nozzle can also be adjusted on the application head. This allows different seam widths to be applied. This is particularly important if the adhesive seam is not only straight, but also curves.

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Your complete smartDOSING application system meets a good 80% of all dosing system requirements

Application head 

  • One size fits all 
  • Max. weight: 5 kg 
  • Fully electric 
  • Integrated pressure sensor to control the material pressure in the system 
  • Reduced number of parts  

Electic pump stand 

  • Simple technology with robust construction 
  • A guided stroke on the rear side that moves the follower piston plate 
  • One electrically driven pump (heated / unheated) 
  • Integrated pressure sensor 
  • Innovative follower plate design to reduce waste 
  • One frame design for 20l, 50l and 200l drums (600mm wide)


  • Laser seam monitoring 
  • Online seam monitoring 
  • Downstream camera monitoring 

Benefits in an overview:

  • Savings on investments in new plant technology
  • Savings in spare parts stocking
  • Savings in the operation of running plants
  • Constant quality of the application at a good level
  • Constant and stable process over the entire life of the plant
  • Less weight
  • Less maintenance 
  • Fewer failures due to fixtures 

Typical applications

Thanks to the slim and space-saving application head, smartDOSING is particularly suitable for body shop applications, where poor accessibility to components often hinders the application of adhesives. 

The application head weighs no more than 5 kg and is therefore significantly lighter, enabling it to be used on small and inexpensive handling robots. 

Other advantages include simpler configuration, fewer interfaces and, thanks to the servo motor, high precision during dosing. 

Environmentally friendly electrical energy is used instead of expensive compressed air

  • 30 % investment savings potential compared to classic dosing 
  • Reduce also your CO² balance with smartDOSING 

Test like the professionals - with NIMAK glueTEST

Ensure the availability of your equipment at all times!

With the NIMAK inspection and test system for dosing / gluing equipment.

Optional fully automatic test sequence or individual test of all important components and functions

  • test of valves and dosing chambers
  • test of the drive
  • test of the heating board
  • test of the heaters
  • test of the pressure sensor

with complete documentation of the maintenace history.

For systems repaired by the customer or for preventive maintenance – preventive detection of later system failures.

Valid for common SIEMENS and BECKHOFF based systems.
Developed together with practice for practice! Already successfully in use at BMW in Munich.