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Roller seam welding machine

Impermeable seams guaranteed; during roller-seam welding

The most important thing during roller-seam welding is that the seam is absolutely impermeable. And that is exactly what our high-performance machines guarantee. Because, we always produce for you at the highest level of quality and according to your requirements. And we accomplish that on short notice and at attractive prices. How is that possible? Simple: We manufacture your roller-seam welding machine based on the modular system that includes a large number of components and a comprehensive accessory range. We manufacture nearly all individual parts and above all the transformer, the core-component of every welding machine, ourselves, which ensures that they meet the highest demands and are always in stock. The exact appearance of your machine depends on your individual needs. We will gladly also take concrete specifications, for instance regarding pneumatics, controller or color, into account. After all, your requirements for roller-seam welding is what drives us.

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Markus Arndt

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  • Individually configurable with the modular system
  • Optionally alternating current technology, in medium-frequency design
  • With transverse or longitudinal weld tracking
  • One or two roller drive

Two customizable basic variants for reliable roller-seam welding

Both our machine types for roller-seam welding create the basis for your individually designed and fabricated unit. You specify the main parameters: Should it be a machine in transverse or longitudinal weld tracking? Should both rollers be driven or only one? We would be glad to assist you with the decisions and will make concrete recommendations based on your individual welding requirements. Based on specimens that you provide us, our experts in the welding lab will perform analyses, test various methods and create prototypes that are likewise put through the paces. At the end of the process, an individually designed and fabricated roller-seam welding machine that is based on our modular system and which precisely meets your roller-seam welding requirements arises.


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Benefits in an overview:

Can be individually configured
We fabricate powerful components for the modular system. From us you obtain individually configurable and individually manufactured roller-seam welding machines that are specifically adapted to your welding requirements. To accomplish that we need to have a talk so that our experts can precisely understand the welding jobs you are facing. We cordially invite you.

Robust and tough
We have been developing, designing and manufacturing machines for the roller-seam welding process for more than 50 years. And we have been ensuring the highest quality, which our professionally trained employees ensure every day, for just as long. The result is roller-seam welding machines that work reliably and always provide high-performance in your company for many decades.

Shorter delivery times, good price-performance ratio
Thanks to the principle of the individually configurable modular system, when we develop and fabricate your machine for roller-seam welding we do not need to start from scratch. That generates cost and time advantages that we gladly pass on to you in the form of attractive prices and short delivery times.

Meets all safety regulations
Just as for all our products, true also for the machines for roller-seam welding from NIMAK: They entirely meet the legal safety requirements and satisfy the high requirements of Performance Level D.

Typical applications

Whenever impermeable welding seams are demanded, our roller-seam welding machines perform reliable, continuous work. For example

In the automotive supplier industry, for instance for the production of shock absorbers and also for the manufacture of:

  • Tanks
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Drums, etc.

Technical data

  • Water cooled
  • Arm-clearance hydraulically adjustable
  • Reach available in various lengths; special sizes on request
  • Controllable electrode force
  • With compressed-air maintenance unit
  • Separately adjustable cooling-water circuits with flow rate and temperature indicator
  • Throttle valve for bounce-free electrode placement

Overview of types

Welding machines in alternating current or medium-frequency technology

TypeNMP 7NMP 12
Nominal output at 50 % duty ratio (in kVA)80 - 160160 - 250
Max. welding current (in kA)29.645.6
Electrode force (in daN)145 - 860200 - 1,200
Electrode stroke (in mm)100100
Projection (in mm)550 - 750550 - 750