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Case Study GESTAMP

Fast answers to evolving requirements - that is the solution

The customer:
The company develops and fabricates high-quality body and chassis components for the international automobile and commercial vehicle industry.

Starting situation:
In agreement with the company and in accordance with its specifications, two new robot cells were designed and released by the customer. During the implementation phase, the customer suddenly changed its requirements.

Once again rework previously designed robot cells that have been released by the customer in the implementation phase in order to increase the level of automation and relieve the operator.

To quickly find the right answers to changing requirements during the running project planning


Develop concrete approaches for an increase in automation and openly discuss this with the customer and its client What options are there? How do the various approaches affect costs and deadlines?


  • The level of automation of the robot cells is increased in the removal and in the feed area, which noticeably relieves the operator.
  • For a transitional time, NIMAK fabricates parts for the customer in its own technology center so that it can fulfill its delivery commitments at all times.


  • Reduced costs: thanks to a higher level of automation, the manufacturing costs are reduced
  • Compliance with all delivery commitments: NIMAK makes up for the plant’s later availability through parts production in the technology center


  • No concept is unchangeable: When the requirements change, all the participants can develop tailor-made solutions together.
  • Transparency is the nuts and bolts here: stay in touch with each other, discuss options and the associated consequences and find answers to open questions
  • It is important to involve all participants: Taking the interests and requirements of the customer and final customer into consideration is decisive for the success of the project