Manual welding guns


Our compressed air-free manual welding gun: the servoGUN

Now also available from us: the first compressed air-free manual welding gun. 

Based on the basic principles of the classicGUN, the new servoGUN guarantees perfect welding spots - regardless of the welding task: whether steel or aluminum welding. 

By eliminating cylinders, seals and valves, the servomotor-driven welding gun ensures maximum availability with greatly reduced energy consumption. 

Ergonomically designed, easy to handle and weight-optimized, the servoGUN promises non-tiring work.


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The first compressed air-free manual welding gun: 

  • Drive by servo motor 
  • No compressed air installation necessary
  • Energy-efficient operation 
  • Freely programmable strokes 
  • Compact design 
  • Ergonomic and weight-saving design 
  • Low noise operation 
  • Extended electrode service life 
  • Higher availability 


Typical applications

Whether entire production lines need to be equipped with manual guns or the production of small quantities where automation is not cost-effective - the servoGUN is convincing in both areas. Typical fields of application:

  • Vehicle development / pilot halls
  • Prototype construction / pre-series centers
  • Start-up factories
  • Rework stations
  • CKD production 

Technical specifications

Rated power: 75, 130 & 260 kVA

Electrode force: up to 8 kN

Welding current: 20, 30 & 45 kA

Complementary products

Complete manual welding gun workstation 

We deliver all the components you need to setup a perfect workstation for the servoGUN manual welding gun - ready to plug in and everything from one, single source. Get informed right now. Please feel free to get in touch with us.