Conference in Shanghai


Conference in Shanghai

Advanced joining solutions in an Industry 4.0 production environment

Currently the complete automotive sector is facing the biggest change since development of the first car 140 years ago. Differently to then, the current keywords are called e-mobility, autonomous driving and cross linking.

Referring to the production of cars, the adaptive production systems, industry 4.0 and multi material mixes are exciting topics which keep us occupied and do of course require a lot of knowledge.

Based on this, we invited our customers to an expert conference in Shanghai. We were very proud that 80 customers of different national and international automotive manufacturers and suppliers followed our invitation to the conference “Advanced joining solutions in an Industry 4.0 production environment” in the PRIMUS hotel located in Shanghai.

This event location offered the perfect surrounding conditions and had been equipped with state of the art presentation technic – thanks to this, the speech of universities, company Harms & Wende, ROBOT 51 as well as NIMAK unfold the full potential.

The feedback of our participants had been very positive and a lot of participants told us that they will highly appreciate to join this kind of conference again next year.

We are very glad that the event had been such a great success. Why shouldn’t we start a new tradition and our conference could become a yearly event?