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Manual welding guns

Manual spot welding guns for the automotive sector, industry and trade

When it comes to precise manual spot welding, the manual welding guns from NIMAK are the ideal choice. Robust in execution, simple to operate and with a type and module selection that is consistently oriented on the various customer requirements, they have been convincing customers from a wide range of sectors and markets for decades. They are used everywhere where automated solutions do not pay off: For sporadic spot-welding jobs or flexibly deployable rework and repair stations, whenever small quantities need to be produced or developers and testers are working launch new products on the market. In large-scale production, the NIMAK manual transformer gun also convinces and achieves welding points that meet the quality demanded by the high standards of automatic system.

Standard guns and individual solutions in the highest quality

Welding steel or aluminum, in large shops or in the smallest space, under great heat or regions of the Earth with high humidity - we produce just the right manual welding gun for every requirement. After all, we have the fitting product range and the necessary engineering competence to manage that. Let’s just have a talk about what your manual welding guns can and should accomplish. We will fabricate the gun you need based on our high-grade standard product line. If desired, we can also individually develop and manufacture just for you. And we can do that in the shortest possible time. That way, in your production you can quickly and permanently profit from the high performance of our products.

Manual welding guns, accessories and complete workstations

Everything from one, single source - that is part of the NIMAK mission. And when we say that we do not merely mean that we manufacture all components in our manual spot welding guns ourselves and with the highest precision. We also provide you with a range of complementing products, services and, if you like, even complete workstations for our manual welding guns. From the welding control and compressed air maintenance unit / shop installation plate along with the coolant water through the column, tension spring and connection cables - in the manual workstations from NIMAK, everything is included and delivered ready to plug in.