Dual Course of Study training program: Mechanical engineering

Apprenticeship or university studies? Both!

Master scientific methodology and find pragmatic solutions in reality that drive the customer and the company forwards - that is the key to success. That is why together with the University of Siegen we offer you:<br/> Get your bachelor degree in mechanical engineering!

University studies and industrial apprenticeship in a mere three and a half years

The cooperative education program perfectly combines theory and practice: During the semester you attend the lectures and seminars at Uni Siegen. In-between terms you run through all work and apprenticeship phases at our company. As an employee at the company NIMAK, at the same time you earn money right from the start and don't need to worry about financing your course of studies.

Once you have received your bachelor’s degree you can securely step into a career with our company.<br/> And if you tackle your job with commitment, we will also gladly support you with your master’s degree.

Any more questions? Heike Langenberg would be glad to answer them.<br/> Please send your written application to start studying in August 2022 to:

Tiana Schmitz


Frankenthal 2, 57537 Wissen
Phone: +49 2742 7079-208
Fax: +49 2742 7079-174